Petitioning U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama to Elevate Women’s Equality Day to a Federal Holiday

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August 26th is Women’s Equality Day here in the United States. Though this is a landmark date, many Americans are still unaware of its existence or the significance of such day.

Women’s Equality Day is largely important to American history. For one, on August 26, 1920, women were officially granted the right to vote in the United States after the certification of the 19th amendment. Fifty years later on August 26, 1970, feminists activists joined ranks on this day to remind our legislators that the buck doesn’t stop there. They organized a protest with over 100,000 women to campaign for equality in education, employment and childcare. On this same day in 1971, a national bill was passed to designate August 26th a day of prominence- Women’s Equality Day.

This petition is an effort to further recognize the importance of this day to not only make sure that it is enriched in history lessons but that it deemed important enough to take precedence as a federal holiday. By recognizing this day as federally important, we will be commemorating and celebrating the efforts of the women that have come before us as pioneers and activists who sought the need for women’s social and political mobility. Also, it an effort to keep the torch burning so that women and girls can live in a society that see and treat them as equals.

 Sign with us.  

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Petition the President to Honor Inez

Sara Bard Field Auto Tour Washington DC December 1915034 100 feet In 1915 ladies carried 100 feet of signatures petitioning Congress for the vote.  Today we just make a few clicks on our phones and tablets.

From Inez Milholland page on  Change.org, ~

“US Congresswoman Jackie Speier has nominated Ms. Milholland for the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second highest civilian award of the nation. The National Women’s History Project, an organization that celebrates the diverse and historic accomplishments of American women, would like you to join Congresswoman Speier in urging President Obama to award this amazing woman with one of America’s highest honors.

During her short life, Inez fought for equality for all. As one of New York state’s only female lawyers at a time when few women practiced law, she was an advocate for racial justice and a champion for prisoners’ and workers’ rights. But it was her fight for women’s suffrage that made her a true American hero.  Between 1910 and 1916, she became a central figure in the drive for Votes for Women in New York State and throughout the country, chairing meetings, answering opponents’ arguments, lobbying state legislators, and leading suffrage parades up Fifth Avenue.  In march 1913 Inez led thousands of women suffrage activists in a parade in the nation’s capitol. She died on the campaign trail in 1916.

Presidential_Citizens_MedalBecause of Inez Milholland Boissevain’s work, and the persistence of tens of thousands of American suffragists from 1848 to 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed to ensure women’s voting rights now and for future generations. It’s time we bring recognition to someone who gave everything to win these crucial rights for her fellow Americans.

Please join us in petitioning President Obama to award Inez Milholland the Presidential Citizens Medal.

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For Immediate Release


JUNE 20, 2016

Documentary short, Inez Milholland ~ Forward into Light released.
Request your own free DVD at http://inezmilholland.org/order/

Wild West Women proudly announces the release and complimentary distribution of

“Inez Milholland ~~ Forward into Light”

This documentary tells the story of American icon, Inez Milholland who broke convention with her striking conscience advocating for gender equality, pacifism, racial justice, unions and free speech in the early Twentieth Century. She became the voice of suffrage.

In 1916 she crossed the country, giving 50 speeches in 28 days. Pushing through exhaustion and anemia she fell at the podium October 23,1916 at Los Angeles, Blanchard Hall.  She was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital where she died 30 days later. Her last public sentence, “President Wilson, how long must women wait for liberty?”

Run time 15 minutes      http://InezMilholland.org       (c) 2016Martha Wheelock

Inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s production and free distribution of “Selma,” filmmaker, Martha Wheelock made the decision to make a film about Inez Milholland, American Suffragist who lost her life while campaigning across the West for federal suffrage.

With the shockingly low numbers of Americans voting, Martha wants women and girls to understand the cost and importance of the vote.  How better than tell the story of Inez Milholland, astounding woman who gave her life for the 19th Amendment?

Celebrate casting your vote.

Order the DVD to show at your school, library, organization

Visit http://InezMilholland.org

The most robust and graphical website on Inez Milholland

Written, Produced and Directed by Martha Wheelock
Edited by Ashley Monti                    Assistant  Producer  Zoe Nicholson
Narrated by Libby West                    Art design Phillip Tommey
Associate Producers: Peg Yorkin, Virginia Carter, Judith Osmer, Joan Smiles.
A Kickstarter Project
A project of the National Women’s History Project and Wild West Women, inc.

inezmilholland.org                           Wildwestwomen.org
Nwhp.org                                           Inezmilhollandcentennial.com
(C) 2016 Martha Wheelock

Contact:  Zoe Nicholson  Zoe@inezmilholland.org   800 428-7136
twitter @IneztheFilm                facebook.com/inezmilholland.org/

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Who is that Lady on the White Horse?

1913C-3-3-Grey-Dawn-lgMost know this famous rider but don’t know her name: Inez Milholland.  Very few know her story.  She was American Amazon who broke convention with her striking conscience.  She was an advocate for gender equality, pacifism, racial justice, unions and free speech.

Her dedication was emboldened with a degree from Vassar, NYU Law Degree and admission to the New York Bar.

She captured headlines and mesmerized audiences as she proved that voting rights appealed, not just to “brainy women,” but to all women, “ladies” and beauties as well.  Most famously, she led the 1913 Suffrage Parade on her horse, Gray Dawn; risking all as she rode directly into the masses of violent disapproving men. White cape, gloves and a crown, Inez became the Suffrage Movement’s very own Joan of Arc, the national iconic figure for VOTES FOR WOMEN.

Overcoming her insecurity of public speaking, she evolved into the voice of suffrage.  In 1916, at the request of the National Woman’s Party, Inez traveled across the country, giving 50 speeches in 28 days through  nine  Western states where women COULD vote. .  Never complaining, never hesitating, she collected herself, and rose to speak again and again.

Fighting through exhaustion, anemia, severe dental infections and persistent tonsillitis, she fell at the podium October 23,1916 at Blanchard Hall in Los Angeles.  Her last public sentence, “President Wilson, how long must women wait for liberty?  With that emotional plea and clear statement, Inez fell from the podium, was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital where she died 30 days later.  She was only 30 years old.

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Inez Milholland Shop is Open

votes for women china

The ladies of the early Twentieth Century liked their cup of tea.  In fact,  philanthropist and radical feminist, Mrs. Alva Vanderbilt Belmont had a special Chinese tea house built on the grounds of her Newport home; The Marble House in 1913 where she used customized china.  “VOTES FOR WOMEN,” tea service was first used at her famous suffrage meeting on July 8th, 1914.


The women and girls of the Twenty-First Century wear their favorite brand on a Tee.  At the Inez Shop you can get a teapot and a tee.

Visit the Inez Milholland Shop Now

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The wait is over! Inez Milholland ~ Forward into Light is done.

Sleeve-Disk-Combo-1-ClearThe dream started long ago.  Filmmaker, Martha Wheelock loved Inez Milholland and wanted to tell Inez’s story to the women and girls of the U.S.  It rose to the surface with the Centennial of Inez’s massive cross-country tour of 1916 and converged with the upcoming celebration of the Centennial of the 19th Amendment in 2020: Women’s right to vote.

Inspiration caught Martha’s eye when the Southern Poverty Law Center made a short documentary, Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot.  Their film celebrates the Voting Rights Act and is distributed for free.   It is their call to cast the vote.

And now you can order Inez Milholland ~ Forward into Light. We hope you will show it to students, organizers, house-parties, everywhere voters meet.   We want you to discover the heart and spirit of Inez and honor her memory with your precious vote.

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